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Music, Singing & Movement Classes for babies & young children

Jo Jingles - Class Age Guidelines

3 Months - Walking Jingle Babies
Walking - 2 yrs Jingle Toddlers
Over 2s Jo Jinglers
3-5 Years Jingle Juniors

All Jo Jingles class age groups are provided as a guideline only and are all subject to availability in every Jo Jingles area - all babies and children are individual and will develop at their own pace so you and your class presenter can decide what is best for your child.

In some areas, Jingle Babies and Jingle Toddlers may include slightly different age bands but please speak to your local Jo Jingles representative if you have any queries.

Click the above relevant class age guideline for further details.

General guidelines - All Age Groups

If you are unsure as to which age range will best suit your child(ren) or it appears there is not a suitable class on the day that you require, then please call or email for guidance.

Jo Jingles offers structured classes that require children to sit still at certain times, move around at other times, return instruments and props after playing etc. Such skills do not come naturally to young children and are learnt over time. It usually takes around six weeks for children to become familiar with the routine and children who attend on a regular basis make remarkable progress on this front to the delight of the parents/carers.

Jo Jingles has arrived in WA.

Come and join in the fun and meet Jo at one of his classes.

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For details speak to your Jo Jingles teacher regarding availability and costs.