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Getting Started at Music, Singing & Movement Classes

Can I try a class first?

As a general rule we do not offer trial classes, but we do offer a money back guarantee. Although we do understand that Jo Jingles is a new experience for a child we do encourage you to attend at least half a term to allow your child the time to settle in and make friends. Just as you wouldn't expect your child to swim on their first swimming lesson, we don't expect them to fully participate on their first Jo Jingles session! If you tried for three or four weeks and still feel that Jo Jingles is not right for you and your child, a refund will be given for the classes not taken.

I have older/younger children too. Can they come to class?

Yes, we welcome older/younger siblings of the children registered for class. All we ask is that if they are joining in as much as their paid-for sibling, you then pay for the additional child at our reduced rate.

Ideally, children of differing ages should be registered in the individual age-specific class to get the most out of the classes. However, we recognise that this is not always possible so please ask us about which age group might be the most suitable if you are bringing children of different ages.

What do I need to bring/wear to class?

Please ensure you and your child/ren are comfortably dressed as the classes require some sitting down/getting up and moving around.

We find that drinks and snacks are not needed for the children during the 45 minute classes, and some venues do not allow food or drink to be consumed.

What happens when my child is old enough to go to another class?

We usually move children up to the next age-specific class at the end of the term after their birthday. You will be able to state your preferences for class time and venue and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Do bear in mind that the class age groups are just a guide and a less confident child may benefit from staying in their familiar class for a little longer. Equally, a very confident child may be moved up early if they need the extra stimulation of an older age group class.

Can I pay for individual classes?

We cannot offer a "pay per class" option as Jo Jingles is a structured activity with limited class numbers. To enable each child to get the most from the class it is necessary to have small, consistent groups each term. We provide a planned programme over the course of a term with each child playing an appropriate instrument. So, no fighting over who gets the drum - they all get a drum!

Jo Jingles has arrived in WA.

Come and join in the fun and meet Jo at one of his classes.

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