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Pre-School Interactive Music, Singing & Movement Classes

Educational, Creative & Fun!

Jo Jingles provides fun and educational Music, Singing and Movement classes for babies and young children. With the help of our Jo Jingles doll, trained and experienced presenters run the UK's most popular music and movement experience.

The first Jo Jingles classes started in 1991 and were so successful they led to the launch of the Jo Jingles franchise in 1995. We are now well established as the leading provider of structured and interactive music, singing and movement classes in the UK with an educational slant for children from 3 months to 5 years of age.

Jo Jingles is also pleased to welcome children with special needs (please contact your local class teacher in advance to discuss any specific requirements).

Hello from Jo!

What does Jo Jingles do?

Jo is the heart and soul of our classes. He is extremely friendly and actively participates in our classes. At the start of each session he welcomes all children with a smile, a wave and a cuddle. Then he might sing or dance or pretend to be a train driver, a monkey or even a teapot! Sometimes he hides and we have a look for him and other times he falls asleep and he needs some help to wake up. Sometimes he is shy and we have to encourage him to join in with the fun. But Jo always makes time for plenty of hugs and kisses when it's time for the children to say goodbye.

Jo Jingles is a happy little fellow all dressed in red and yellow. He loves to stimulate young minds and teach children to:

To play percussion instruments expressively

To sing songs

To hold a tune

To find the rhythm to move and dance to

To make new friends

The main aim of the 30/45 minute session (depending on age) is that the children have fun, lots of fun! As do Mums/Dads/Grandparents/Carers who are actively encouraged to join in!

Jo Jingles has arrived in WA.

Come and join in the fun and meet Jo at one of his classes.

To find out your nearest centre please click on the link below....

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Jo Jingle Merchandise!

Buy some of Jo's merchandise today. We have a wide range of merchandise available to purchase including;

Musical CDs

Musical DVDs

Jo Jingles T-shirts

Jo Jingles Dolls

Instrument and toys

Song books

For details speak to your Jo Jingles teacher regarding availability and costs.