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Children's Music, Singing & Movement Interactive Classes

Music has an enormous part to play in a child's early development and there is growing evidence that music can also help at a later stage with subjects as diverse as mathematics, foreign languages and scientific problem solving.

"Singing songs to your child widens their vocabulary and improves listening skills, both of which make learning to read easier". Professor John Sloboda, Keele University.

Learning through music:

Encourages language & listening skills

Develops numeracy skills

Provides an opportunity to experiment with sound and words

Stimulates imagination & learning

Improves co-ordination

Improves social skills

Helps self-expression

Develops self-esteem

Helps children to understand emotions

Introduces children to different sounds/cultures, songs from around the world

Enhances understanding of rhythm and timing

Develops and generates happy memories

Helps you to feel happy and positive

Singing is fun!

Children instinctively move when they hear music and they make sounds at the same time. Research (such as that by Pound in 1999) has suggested that physical movement is important for brain development. It has also been shown in various studies that memory of words and music are further enhanced by physical movement.

Jo Jingles helps with all of these positive developments and provides quality time for parent/ carer and child together. Whether you are a first time parent or not there's no experience so rewarding as those you do with your baby and child. Those first experiences are the building blocks for future development, both educationally and emotionally and Jo Jingles feels very privileged that so many families allow us to participate in this very early years experience with their children.

Jo Jingles has arrived in WA.

Come and join in the fun and meet Jo at one of his classes.

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